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Join us for our March meeting on Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In March 2009, Zontian Kathy Bose wrote a position paper for our Zontacler (Newsletter, Editor Valerie Hume).  Kathy’s piece entitled: Abuse of, and Violence Against, Women in India.  Kathy will chair this meeting by presenting information about violence again women in foreign countries but also in families where new immigrants come to Canada. 

The March Zontacler article begins:

“Some of you are aware that I have been collecting statistics on abuse of, and violence against women for some time. I would like to share with you, some information about the types of violence against girls/women in India.  I would just like to mention that it is hard to generalize and state absolute facts about customs and circumstances, given that India has so many different castes, languages, and classes, each of whom have their own traditions. In addition, the customs are now changing—some for the worse.”  …. more  (The whole article will be placed in here)

Time: 6:00

Location:  Keller Williams Building, 610 Bronson Ave.  Ottawa. Ontario

Members are encouraged to bring  a guests.

$ 30.00

Pre-Registration by Monday, March 26 , 2011

Please RSVP to Prem Grainer.